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Is my Scrap Metal Worth Anything?

It's everywhere! Businesses have it, homes have it, and you might have some that is worth money. Indeed, with metal prices at a high right now, this is the time to look at what you may have lying around in your home, factory or shop that can be recycled for its metal content and earn you some money.

Metal comes in many forms, and is used worldwide; it's an important commodity for industry, and much of it can be reused many times. This adds to its value, so what have you got that might make you some money?

Scrap Aluminum:

One of the most plentiful metals in the world, Aluminum is commonly found in the home and in commercial outlets. It's used in furniture, in machinery and in many other products, and it is worth money in the scrap market. Extruded aluminum is plentiful and can be recycled, litho plates from printing factories are sought after, and any form of wire will be worth some money.

Have a look in your garage: are there any old truck or auto wheels that you don't need anymore? These are most likely aluminum, and they will be welcomed by scrap dealers. Furthermore, aluminum is widely used in electrical equipment, wiring and so on, so it's a very common form of metal for recycling.

But, before you go and search for all that scrap aluminum, hold on: that's just the start!

Recycling Copper:

Copper has always held a value in the scrap market, and never more than right now. Used in a variety of products both in the home and in industry, copper is a versatile material that has many attractive attributes, hence it continues to hold a high price.

Copper is most likely to be found in a variety of types of wire: many of these wiring looms are now being replaced with more up to date materials, so the copper becomes redundant; to you, it becomes potential income.

It's used on the home in guttering and piping, and its attractive looks make it popular for ornamental use, so you may have some old copper items lying around. Also, kitchen implements such as pots and pans are often made of copper: do you have any that you don't use anymore? Scrap copper makes money, so get looking for anything you may have lying around.

Brass for Scrap:

A much valued and highly ornamental metal, brass is less prevalent than aluminum or copper yet is very much sought after in the scrap market. Brass can be found as fittings in many older buildings in the form of pipes, valves and radiators, and is also used in many furnishings and ornamental objects that may no longer be of use.

Brass is also coupled with bronze in the scrap market, and look out for old faucets that were constructed using brass and are to be replaced with more modern examples.

Old radiators and heaters may be made of brass, and there are many examples of ornamental home fittings being made from this attractive and versatile metal.

Brass always holds a high value, so take care to search out any old items that may no longer be wanted.

Stainless Steel and Batteries:

Look for stainless steel in sink units, pipes, machinery and hardware, as well as in nuts and bolts and many other fittings.

You may not consider batteries as scrap metal items, but they are; they are used in automobiles, in trucks, in boats and even in aeroplanes, as well as in agricultural equipment, industrial machinery and all around the home, They require specialist handling to dispose of correctly, and can also yield you some decent money.

Batteries, after all, don't last a lifetime, so the valuable metals within can be reclaimed when the unit has run its course.

In addition to the above there are many more types of metal, and products, that can be recycled: any ferrous metal may be accepted, tin is also wanted, and sheet metal is a valuable commodity.

Iron and cast iron items can be found in houses and in commercial buildings, and there are many more items that may be considered by scrap metal recyclers. Have a look at the following list for some of them:

- Scrap cars, trucks or automobile items
- Scrap motors and auxiliaries
- Commercial furniture such as metal desks, tables and file cabinets
- Items from the home including bikes, heaters, cans, shelving and more
- Computer parts and wiring

Put simply, anything that is made of  or partly made of  metal will be of interest to scrap metal buyers, and could make you money in the process.

So, that's a brief look at the different scrap metals that can command serious prices; how do you go about finding a scrap recycler you know you can trust?

Correct Disposal of Metals:

It is important that you find a reputable, established scrap metal recycler who will recycle the metal in your items in the correct fashion.

Some items, such as automobiles, batteries and machinery, need to be handled very carefully and the metal extracted; the residue of potentially dangerous materials and chemicals, particularly in batteries, needs to be disposed of in a particular manner.

Thus, by recycling your metal items in the correct fashion, you not only make money but help protect the environment.

The scrap metal market is one that is heavily regulated, so by finding a reputable dealer, merchant and recycler you can be assured that you are disposing of your items within the law and in the most efficient method possible.

The question we asked was this: is my scrap metal worth anything? The answer, as we have shown, is clearly a resounding yes! Click here to get the best scrap metal prices.

Whatever you have, be it old industrial machinery, an automobile, or just household items made of or containing metal that you no longer use, they may be worth some money to you and to the scrap metal buyer who is willing to buy them off you, recycle them, and keep the planet healthy at the same time.

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